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Lori Hobkirk began working in the publishing industry in the editorial department at VeloNews magazine, the journal of competitive cycling. After several years, the parent company, Inside Communications, created a book publishing imprint, VeloPress, which allowed Hobkirk the opportunity to learn about book production.

In those early days, the company had a tendency to publish books the way it published magazines, which was very, very quickly. Hobkirk learned how to overlap many steps in the production process, how to call on the appropriate freelancer, and how to work with authors who were based around the world.

She then moved to the Perseus Books Group and refined her project management skills, as well as her production expertise.

The BOOK factory is an extension of Hobkirk's love of books and her desire to encourage literacy and education worldwide.

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2230 Floral Drive

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The BOOK factory primarily accepts book, bookazine, and magazine projects from publishers, for which it would be our pleasure to submit a bid. Other projects, such as those from non-profit organizations or self-publishing authors, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you are a dynamite freelance copy editor, proofreader, indexer, or designer, please send your résumé and a list of books you've worked on. It's important that you are familiar with book production, as well as having experience with speedy schedules.










2230 Floral Drive
Boulder, CO 80304




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