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Established in 2001, the BOOK factory works closely and collaboratively with publishers and authors to produce complicated, publisher-initiated projects.

As a book packager, the BOOK factory specializes in producing titles that the publisher may find difficult to manage in-house for a variety of reasons: the books may need to be put together on extremely short schedules, or they may have multiple authors, high-profile authors, large art programs, or inflexible release dates. The BOOK factory solves problems based on the needs of you, the publisher.

The BOOK factory handles the entire production process, from the transmittal of the original text to uploading printer-ready files, and everything in between: copyediting; proofreading; fact-checking; design and composition, indexing; e-book conversion; and all art services, including creating or working with original photos, maps, and line art; photo researching; and color correction.

Whatever the challenge, the BOOK factory has the resources, the expertise, and the desire to help you send projects to the printer with ease.

Coming soon!

In May 2014, The New Greenmarket Cookbook releases. This is a beautiful, 4-color, design-heavy cookbook that was produced on a very short schedule. However, the team at the Book Factory, as well as the authors and editors, were committed to detail and creating a high-quality product.











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